Is Your Child Complaining About Foot Pain? Here Are Some Reasons Why


When your child starts to complain about foot pain, you need to establish the cause of the problem so that you can know if it will need the attention of a podiatrist or not. This piece lists a few of the common reasons why your child could be complaining about foot pain. An ingrown nail When your child has an ingrown nail, it means that the toenail is growing into the skin rather than in the proper position.

30 August 2019

Who are podiatrists and what do they do?


Have you ever heard of someone with problems with their lower legs or feet? Well, podiatrists are the go-to guys for these kinds of issues. They not only treat the feet, but also other health issues such as diabetes or general lower limb injuries. Podiatrists; are they doctors or not? Are they doctors? Yes, but they go to different schools than standard medical doctors. Podiatrists attend special schools and associations. Their names are prefixed by DPM for Doctor of Podiatric Medicine as opposed to the normal MD for Medical Doctor.

3 May 2019