Is Your Child Complaining About Foot Pain? Here Are Some Reasons Why


When your child starts to complain about foot pain, you need to establish the cause of the problem so that you can know if it will need the attention of a podiatrist or not. This piece lists a few of the common reasons why your child could be complaining about foot pain.

An ingrown nail

When your child has an ingrown nail, it means that the toenail is growing into the skin rather than in the proper position. Ingrown toenails are a common problem that children develop mainly due to wearing tight shoes. You should not blame yourself for this, though, since kids grow quickly. And if you have not noticed their spurt or they have not told you that their shoes are tight, you may not even be aware of the fact that you need to up-size their shoes. The good news is that ingrown toenails can be easily treated at home by soaking the affected foot in warm water for a few days. You could also apply a topical antibiotic and have your kid ingest over-the-counter painkillers.

Plantar warts

You may be familiar with plantar fasciitis since this is a common form of heel pain that adults develop. However, plantar warts are a different form of foot trouble. Unlike plantar fasciitis that causes tissue damage to the underside of the heel, plantar warts look the same as a callus on the foot. The difference, however, is that plantar warts are characterised by back doors on them. While plantar warts tend to affect the sole of children's feet, they can also manifest on their toes. When you discover plantar warts on your child's feet, it is important to see a podiatrist so that they can receive treatment. If the treatment does not remedy the foot pain, then it could be indicative of another underlying issue, for instance, diabetes. Overall, if a health issue does not cause plantar warts, they will typically go away once your child is put on medication.

Flat feet

All children are born flatfooted, and the ridges in their feet develop once they are no longer a toddler. But these ridges may not form properly in some children for one reason or another. Usually, children with rigid feet are more likely to be flatfooted since their ligaments are not flexible enough to conform. As a result, they begin to suffer from muscle stiffness. Seeing a podiatrist for this form of foot pain is recommended so that they can ease the discomfort by prescribing custom orthotics to simulate arches in your kid's feet.


30 August 2019

How a Podiatrist Can Help With Running Injuries

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