How can new runners prevent shin splints?


Running is a really simple thing that we can do for our cardiovascular and mental health. All you need is a pair of running shoes, and you have no excuse not to put your feet to the pavement. With that said, if you are approaching running for the first time, you should know that you are more prone to injury than seasoned runners, particularly when it comes to shin splints. The reason why you might feel pain in your shins is because this where a lot of the force goes when you strike your foot on the floor, and the shin also overcompensates for other parts of the leg that might be weaker.

6 April 2018

Custom Orthotic Inserts: Three Essential Tips for Getting the Best Results


If you have been experiencing pain in your foot, ankle, arch and heels, you should think about getting custom orthotic inserts. These inserts are beneficial in reducing strain around the feet and preventing strain injuries. These products can even help in managing common conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and ankle instability. If you choose to purchase custom inserts, they will be made for your specific needs. Therefore, the results are typically quite good.

27 February 2018